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Spot Colors

What is a spot color?

A spot color in regards to printing labels means a ink transfer of a single solid color that is applied to your label that doesn't interfere or mix with another color transfer to get it's correct colour value.

In simpler terms, it's not a layered color the receives cyan,magenta,yellow or black to get it's color value from different print heads but a single print head reproduces the transfer to the label.

The PMS (Pantone Matching System or equivelent) is mixed and THEN added to the press and printed as a solid color from a single print head or cylinder. Thus gives the term for spot color as "additive".

Spot colors are Cyan, Majenta, Yellow and Black. All colors can be reproduced using these 4 colors.

CMYK is known as a subtractive color model. Its called this because the inks applied to the white substrate subtract from the white background to produce it's desired color.

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