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Full Color Labels

Premier Markings can print your labels in glorious four full colours that are found in photographs into your labels!

Often known as a prime label, sometimes a photo label, four color process labels are great at attracting people to your product. They want to see the details on your label and will examine it, and notice other details you have included like a vitamin additive or other special ingredients that make your product different from others on a self. That's what a 4 color label can do for you, get you noticed from your competitors and make people read your label.

Getting people to notice your product is half the battle for a sale. The other half is putting the right information on te label so they like what they are reading enough to believe it and finally make a purchase.

Full color labels are worth every penny as they give your product a more polished and professional look and that results in trust and a sale.

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Four color labels are very popular because everyone wants there product to look better than the one that sits next to it on the shelf.

Make sure you use bright and bold colors when designing your label so, if it does happen to sit next to another full color label product, it will get more attention. You never know who your neighbour will be !

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