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Tyvek Tags

Tyvek tags and labels are made with Tyvek. Tyvek is a very strong, water-resistant and can not tear which makes it great for outside label applications and extreme weather conditions.

When printing labels or tags with Tyvek, the ink must be chemically strengthen to enter the sub-layers of Tyvek and bond effectively to withstand temperatures, sun, snow and rain and not fade. It can be backed with adhesive for a label or hole-punched for a tag and not lose it's strength.

Another application for Tyvek is wristbands. They are very light-weight, can't tear and comfortable to wear. If you put another sticker at the ends when you seal around the wrist, it serves as a tamper-evident label that makes it easily indentifiable when the seal is broken.

Tyvek labels can be sown or glued onto furniture for marking. It's also great for tree or plant tags since it can withstand outdoors for a very long time.

Tyvek is a great choice for tags and labels that need to last a long time.

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