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Lip Balm Labels

Lip balm, chap stick or cosmetic/medicinal products are a huge market but saturated with a great variety of products. You need your product to stand out and make people notice.

Clever packaging that offers a visual attraction helps a great deal to get people interested. Offer some detailed information once the have your product in hand and they are ready to buy.

We can do your lip balm package in a stylish way thats sure to attract the public and entice them to buy.

From hard copy material with special slits and folds to hold the lipbalm stick, it makes for a very sexy package and also the label that goes around the chap stick, we can make your product a very eye catching-must have beauty product.

Contact us today and let's kiss the world hello!


Custom Ideas !

If you have a special idea that you need to get done, whether it's packaging or a label thats a little out of the ordinary, call us!

We'll be happy to accommodate your lip balm ideas to materialize and get it out there to make you money.


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