Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels makes barcoding and label printing easy, and label printers more affordable. Direct thermal labels do not require a thermal ribbon. They are chemically treated, heat sensitive media that blackens when passed under the thermal print head.

There are a few grades of direct thermal labels for frozen food labels and deli labels that use a top coated direct thermal label stock. Although it is a paper stock, there is a moisture resistant coating that prolongs the life of the direct thermal labels and ensures your barcode will be scan able at the time of purchase.

Direct thermal labels can be supplied in colour coated pre printed with your logo or as blank labels. See our stock label list for direct thermal labels.

We carry 4″x 6″ direct thermal labels on both 1″ and 3″ cores. Order your labels today and have them the next day or sooner.

We also do custom sizes if we don’t have it in stock.

We can supply special adhesives to your thermal labels for all types of applications.