Polyester Thermal Labels

Polyester thermal labels are usually made for applications that involve electronics or other sensitive products that require UL or CSA approval.

Polyester labels are flame retardant and dont rip or tear and are great against chemical spills or grime and grease environments.

They are manufactured with a super strong adhesive and can be custom made if you need a stronger adhesive like a B200 glue, which is very strong and practically welds to your product.

If you need a label to be CSA and UL approved, ask us which ribbon you will need for your thermal printer. It usually requires a pure resin thermal ribbon which is formulated to provide ultimate protection against the most extreme environments and conditions.

Polyester thermal labels can be certified CSA and UL approved for various applications if suited with the right type of thermal transfer ribbon.

We offer many types of polyester labels that are available in silver, clear and white.

We also make custom sizes for our polyester thermal labels if you need it.