Digital Labels

Digital label printing enables us to provide fantastic quality labels with small quantities and no press plate costs.

If your label requires multiple colors and you’re starting out with low quantities or have many variations of the same label, then digital printing can save you money and still have a great looking label.

Premier Markings is a manufacturer of top quality digitally printed labels.

Digital labels can print any kind of label to bottle labelspromotional labelsfood labels and a whole lot more. Just about everything can be digitally printed at a lower cost to you !

There are many advantages of digital printed labels but number one is the quality. In years past, the only way to achieve this litho type quality was to print litho. The problem with litho is if you require or prefer a roll format that is not possible. As well die cutting, scoring and any other process is done secondary, which leads to increase in production, time and price.

Premier Markings uses Super-Tack adhesive AND we also laminate them with 2mil clear laminate to provide a professional label and protect it against age and/or abrasion. We don’t print on crack-n-peel because of its limitations. We want you as a customer forever so we use only the best materials for all types of applications and adhesion.

Get your digital labels in 2-3 days, when all art work has been approved by you!