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Cheese Labels

Cheese labels often require multiple versions to indicate diiferent types or ages. This can be costly but there are some methods to eliminate the added costs.

We can print custom thermal labels and you can print the necessary information regarding your cheese yourself on the label. We print your logo and other repeatable colors and design but leave out all the variable information such as ; title, type, date, etc. Those elements can be printed by you through a thermal printer.

For example: you need a certain label ie; 2 year old cheddar, you just load the thermal printer with the pre-printed labels, choose the label from your computer’s label program (which contains the title, date, etc) and print. If you wanted a 5 year old cheddar label, then you use the same pre-printed labels but choose the 5 year old label from your computer and print.

This reduces a lot of cost and surplus of labels and gives you control over your production by letting you only print what you need.Ch3