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Custom Finishes

If you want your label to have that special sparkle or wow effect, then you need a Ultra-Violet finish that serves as a colour holographic when viewed at different angles.

If your product is going to sit on a shelf amongst your competition, then you need your product to stand out from the rest. There is no better way than to give your label an extra shine and dazzle that will catch their eye.

Normally labels are covered with an Ultra-violet (UV) coating or a laminate to protect it from sun, moisture, abrasion, etc. It also offers a nice shiny look to you label and does protect it very well.

Laminate protects best as it is not just a coating but a 1 or 2 mil plastic sheet covering over your label. It’s realively the same price as UV but laminate tends to be more shiny and it adds to the thickness of the label.

UV casting is a method of overlaying your label with a specially treated laminate that has colourful holographic patterns adhered to it. When the laminate is rolled onto your label, the patterns are visible behind the lamination and shine and glitter when viewed at different and random angles for a nice effect. There are various patterns available.

If you choose a metallic paper for your label, it really gives off an extra special effect because the holographic colors are reflective from the metallic paper label.