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Horticultural ID Labels

Regardless of what area of the horticultural industry you specialize in we have the horticultural identification products to help you identify your plants and flowers. We can supply pre-printed horticulture tags and horticulture labels or set you up with all you will need to print your own.

Horticultural ID labels are also known as plant tags or flower tags that identify the species with a quick read and sometimes an image.

Thermal printing is a great method for printing horticulture tags and labels. We can provide you with all you will need to start, label software, thermal printer, and tags. We’ll even walk you through the setup.

All our products are water resistant and will be legible time and time again. You’ll have no problems scanning barcodes. This is a quick and efficient way to mange your horticultural products.

We have in stock: Self locking tagsPot stakes and Hang tags.