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Sauce Labels

There are lots of B.B.Q. sauces, ice cream sauces and pasta sauces on the market these days.

You need a label that stands out from the crowd.

There are many sauce labels on the market today, some in squeezable bottle, some in jars and cans. It could be tomato, BBQ, ice cream flavors or salad oils.

Depending on the container, whether it’s soft (plastic) or hard (glass), the label should be big enough to attract attention to itself and contain all nutritional information and ingredients.

Usually when it comes to sauces or any food product which has different flavors involved, a different color is designed on the label. This helps to differentiate between the products and is more attractive to people when it sits on the shelf grouped together.

If your sauce product container can’t accomodate a full label (front and back) then we usually do a front label that has different colors and variations for flavors and keep the back label (ingredients and nutrition) the same so you can use the same label on all the different variations. This saves you money on plate charges and press set up fees.