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Security Tamper-Proof Labels

Security seals or tamper-proof labels are a good way to go with your bottled products. It enhances the design look of your bottle and gives you an opprotunity to expand your advertising.

A tamper-proof label on a bottle covers the cap and has tabs going down the sides with a perforated line at the start of the tabs. If someone twists the cap open, the seal will tear at the perforated line, displaying a broken seal.

Government regulations and laws recognize this as a worthy seal against tampering and passes inspection.

You can put your logo on the top of the label, across the cap, and your web address along the tabs. Or you can put the flavor of the product along the tabs, the choice is up to you on how you want it displayed and we can help you design it too!

Call us for your tamper-proof seals and get security at pennies per label.