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Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels are a very important part of your daily operations and to track your inventory of what’s is out the door and what’s still to go.

Shipping labels are usually 4″x6″ thermal transfer or direct transfer blank labels. They come 1000 labels to a roll and are loaded onto a thermal printer, which in return, is attached to a computer. With label software, add a shipping address and maybe a barcode for tracking and your all set.

Premier Markings sells millions of 4×6 blanks because we have the best prices and our label stock has a superior grade paper which extends the life of your thermal printer print head (which is very costly to repair). Check out our stock list for the size you need.

We also sell thermal printersthermal ribbons and the software to print your shipping labels. All at the lowest price.

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You can use Laser Label Sheets for shipping too!

Maybe you need a label smaller than 4×6″ and don’t have a thermal printer. You can use laser sheets for your shipping labels.