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Blank Thermal Labels

At Premier Marking we supply blanks labels for all printer types.

Although many companies use a thermal printer on a daily basis not all do. That is why we carry a large inventory of laser labels sheets and can supply you with the templates for easy set up. Just like in your local office supply store but at a much discounted price, you can save a bundle.
We carry address labels, shipping labels, file folder labels, return address labels, and many more.

For higher usage, many of our customers use thermal labels. We use a premium thermal face stock to ensure maximum print head life. Thermal print heads are a very expensive wear item and we make sure you get your monies worth.

Thermal labels are available with many adhesive options; removable, freezerpermanent and extra permanent. Premier Markings has the thermal label you require. Check our stock list for many common sizes.

Do you know that  fan folded thermal labels can make your life much easier?

If you do not have a rewinder, fan folded labels are a great solution. They start as fan folded labels and finish as fan folded labels right in to the carton.

Fan fold labels work with many thermal printers but to make sure yours does, it should have a slot in the back to feed the labels through.