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Freezer Labels

There are a few things to consider when requesting freezer adhesive labels.

  • Will the product be frozen at the time the freezer label is applied ?
  • The minimum and maximum temperature range.
  • Is the product going to be in a freezer or just a cooler ?

We do a lot of freezer food labels. Sometimes it’s a full company product label, sometimes it’s just a nutritional table with barcode. But our labels always stick and look good no matter the conditions.

  • We use the best adhesive on the market to ensure your product always has a great looking label attached.
  • Our inks are the highest grade to look sharp and not dried out or cracked when cold.
  • Our paper substrate is heavy and thick to protect against abrasion and shipping.
  • We top your label of with a premium uv varnish to protect against moisture.

In some cases when a label is just going in a cooler and not applied to a frozen product, a cold temp adhesive label is just right. When a label is applied at room temperature or a little below or above and is not being deep frozen, we will use a cold temp adhesive label. This is a way we can show you a little savings.