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Ice Cream Labels

Producers of ice cream always offer different flavors to please everyone’s taste.

Printing labels with your flavor variations is less expensive than printing containers!

Ice cream labels are usually have multiple versions that introduce tasty flavors to new people. This could mean a high price when it comes to packaging.

Depending on the amounts you require and the colors you use, you could minimize it the cost by trying to have a label that is one-size-fits all. Take your smallest container and have the label fill up the available space, then have your larger containers take the same label, only some blank spaces will show but it will still look attractive and also incorporate name branding as your label is continous through out your product.

If you’re on a tight budget and you have multiple versions, having the name of the ice cream and the nutritional facts table being the only change to your labels can help reduce the cost. You could use the same color plates for all versions with only the changes as different print plates.

Ask us if your ice cream labels can fit this method!