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Proof of Purchase Labels

We can see this as a problem or an opportunity to continue to brand all merchandise even if it is not in a bag with our name on it.

For pennies, proof of purchase labels can service as two valuable tools, making sure the product is paid for and that customers are walking out of the store with your company logo on it. As a matter a fact I am sure that in most cases the label won’t be removed for the life of the product, so that means your company logo will last much longer than being pulled from a bag and put on the shelf.

Multi colour printing has never been so reasonable, so take advantage, be creative with design. Premier Markings can see this as a whole new marketing opportunity and use it to your advantage.

Call us today to get information on proof of purchase labels and lead the way in new marketing campaigns.

Now that most cities have introduced their plastic bag fee and other communities are to follow, shoppers are choosing to bring their own bags or to carry it out in their hands. This is great for the environment but difficult to tell if the merchandise was paid for or not.