Company Labels

Company labels are an effective way to let people know your brand and it brings recognition if they see it enough times or in different places.

Combining your logo with a website address is effective advertising.

Often we see company labels that are cheaply made applied on products and the corners of them start to peel off. This makes the product and company look damaged and/or cheap.

We make our company labels with premium adhesive so they stick around as long as your product. This is what makes us different and better than others.

Often, whenever possible, it’s best to try to get your label a one size fits all type. Measure all your products that you want to put your company labels on and see if you can reduce the amount of extra versions you might have thought you needed.

Company labels can be made from clear or white BOPP and polyester also. We can produce them in rolls or sheets. Sheets are screen printed and double sided is the best way to go and is great for windows.