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Contest Labels

A contest label is a great way to get people excited about your product, company and both.

Contest labels can also be called and I.R.C. -instant redeemable coupon. It’s printed on both sides, with the back side having the winning prize or code. An adhesive is also on the back to adhere to your product or item. The customer pulls off the paper from the adhesive with ease and is left with the coupon.

It’s best to make I.R.C. labels with solid spot colors on the front to avoid transparency in the inks so the code or prize value can not be seen through the label.

The contest label is printed on material called, magic stock or “coupon stock”.

Call us if you need an exciting Contest label at a great price, it’s a win-win deal!

Contest labels are an excellent way to promote your sale or business.

Applied to packaging or a product can interest many people.