Coupons Labels

There are many different coupon labels available for your promotional campaign.

Coupon labels are great to give you that extra edge over others as people will surely pick a coupon item if both products are relatively the same price.

Deadened zone coupon label is a label that is 2 sided. The backside is perforated along the edges and adhesive is applied along the edges also. The customer sees the bright coloured front and can peel the the coupon off along the perforated edges to be used after sale.

Another type of coupon label is the peel and ply. Basically the coupon’s backing has a 2 sided adhesive and can be pulled off the products to leave a dry coupon(without glue) in the customer’s hand. The coupon is printed on both sides and can have a barcode for scanning when cashed in.

Another variety is the rub-off coupon. You’ve seen them in lottery tickets. The hidden portion is printed over in latex ink that can’t be seen through but scatched off.