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Polyester Labels

In today’s manufacturing world we are challenged time and time again to produce a long lasting durable product at a low cost. Polyester labels are just that and much more.This product is UL Recognized and CSA Accepted for indoor and outdoor applications. Polyester labels are suitable for a variety of durable labeling applications such as:

– Product Identification labels
– Barcode labels
– Rating Plates labels
– Work in Process labels
– Durable Goods labels
– Property Identification labels
– Asset Labels recognized for UL 969 component labels

Laser polyester labels are available in white, silver, clear and both gloss or matte finish. Known for being very thermal printer friendly, laser polyester sheets are widely used as well.

Polyester Label Sheets

Premier Markings can supply all the standard laser sheets but as a laser polyester label. This is a great way to produce a durable label without investing in a thermal printer. Use your office laser printer and still have long lasting labels, making your labels polyester and still being UL and CSA recognized and accepted.
Did you know that by combining the right thermal ribbon with the labels polyester they are still CSA accepted and UL recognized. You will find on the spec sheet recommended thermal ribbons to be used with your laser polyester labels, and that’s what we provide, the right ribbons with the right labels. Ask your current supplier if they are sending you the right combination, we bet not.

Even if your polyester labels do not require a listing, you should get the most out of this durable product and we can ensure this. When it comes to most extreme applications moisture, temperature and even tamper evident labels we use polyester labels.