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Seafood Labels

Whether your seafood is packaged fresh or frozen, you need a label that will stick for your conditions.

We manufacture great labels with special adhesive that is guaranteed to stick when frozen and still look great when thawed out!

Whether you supply crab, shrimp, lobster, fish or other seafood delicacies, you probably need a seafood label that adheres to wet, cold or frozen packaging since your goods are shipped from the coast.

We suggest using a special adhesive that bonds to moist and wet surfaces, a b200 adhesive or something similiar. Premier Markings uses this type of label on a daily basis and recommends it, even if your packaging is not stored in the freezer, it still could be, by your own customers after they bought your seafood.

It costs a little more than a freezer adhesive but ensures it will stick through the most rigorous conditions your seafood label might go through and maintain your company brand on your packaging through it’s life cycle.

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